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Five ways to protect your creative space

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Do you find that your intention to be creative is often hijacked by others? Then you need our top tips for setting boundaries that stick. #creativelife #creativeatwork #creativeminds

1. This one’ll blow your mind. Ready? Say no. Blindingly obvious? Count all the times last week you said yes when you really meant no. Now plan to swap just one yes for a no this week and you’re ahead already.

2. If ‘no’ is too much right now, start out with ‘not yet’. “I would LOVE to help you move that sofa, but I’m not free till 6pm.” It’s yes on pause, buying you the creative time you promised yourself.

3. Want to extend that pause even longer? Play with “I’ll get back to you on that.” Don’t feel obliged to say by when. Don’t justify your need for the pause. No explanations. Just space to focus on you.

4. You schedule creative time. Then you’re invited to lunch. At the same time. Saying no feels too harsh, so offer an alternative. “No to lunch, but cocktails later?” Win/win [and a little bit of gin].

5. Want to go Ninja Level? Pimp that Little White Lie to the max by creating a go-to week-away of choice. “You want me to [insert request here]? Sorry. I’m on silent retreat that week.” And, reeelax.

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