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Five Christmas gifts that will inspire year round

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Want to give the gift of creativity? Or maybe you want to put these on your own Christmas list! Here are some gifts we return to when we need a hit of inspiration. #creatives #creativelife #inspiration

1. ‘Love’ by Vanni is a truly unforgettable book. Both a beautiful object, and a deeply touching story, we say buy one as a gift – but be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

2. ‘The Well of Being’ by Jean-Pierre Weill is described as a children’s book for adults. We describe it as wisdom distilled to beauty, complexity presented with clarity. Like all powerful art, it not only touches but changes the reader. A real gift for the soul.

3. ‘Bill Cunningham: New York’ is a portrait of someone in love with their craft. We witness someone for whom the activity and the identity are one; there is no separating the person from the photographer. The benefit – and cost – of this are shown equally in this wonderful film.

4. Give someone a copy of the ‘I Ching’ and you are giving them ritual, theatre, wisdom and poetry. Its guidance isn’t direct; rather, it demands you meet its descriptions with both curiosity and imagination – perfect for the creative in your life.

5. If a life coach was a diary it would be this one! The Passion Planner is packed with prompts for structuring and reflecting on your creative goals. With week and month views, there’s no reason not to master scheduling in your creative time.

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