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| coaching creatives |

      online group coaching.

  • Are you a creative who is struggling to start, stick with or complete a creative project?

  • Do you want some help to unlock your flow?

  • Or are you curious about what blocks and stops you?

These online group coaching sessions are a way to get the breakthroughs you want.


Working with like-minded creatives and an experienced coach, you will put your blocks and frustrations centre stage and work through them...leaving you free to get more of your work done more easefully.

what you can expect 

  • Safe, supportive environment.

  • Facilitation from an experienced coach. 

  • Insights and learning from peers.

  • Practical advice and tips.

  • Leave the sessions feeling clearer, focused and raring to go.

THE practical bits

  • Eight two hour sessions, delivered monthly.

  • Includes an introductory session and a celebration session.

  • Delivered over video conferencing online so you will need a good internet connection.

  • You will be working on - on ready to get started on - a creative project.

  • We will ask you to complete a short survey as part of the pre-programme preparation.

Secure yourself a spot on a future programme and dates will follow.

Choose to pay in full or pay a non-refundable deposit now and settle the rest of the fee before the first session.

i'm interested. what next?


What is a Group Coaching?


Group Coaching is about creating a space for like-minded people to learn from, and with, each other about similar problems and issues, in order to breakthrough current blocks and improve current performance.


How does it work?


The group will have a maximum of 8 members who will meet online for 2 hours every month, over 8 months. This includes an introductory session and a celebration session to review progress. You will be asked to be actively working on a project whilst in the group.


Commitment is vital. You grow and learn through supporting each other’s learning, meaning you’re there for each other as much as you’re there for yourself. 


A trained facilitator will support the learning process. You will be invited to bring something you want to think about, or ask other members to hold you accountable, or get ideas for how to structure or develop your work…the floor is yours to get what you need. 


I'm interested. What next?


After you make your booking, you will be sent a link to a Survey Monkey form that helps both you and the facilitator undesrstand where you NOW, as you start the programme, and where you would like to be at the end of the programme.