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I’ve been a freelance writer since 2000, as a journalist, columnist, copywriter, editor, and just about everything else you can think of to do with words. In 2007, I finally decided to write novels – something I had always dreamed of but had been avoiding getting around to for years. The good news is that once I completed my novel, The Gods of Love, it landed me a two-book deal with Little, Brown. My debut was published in February 2018 and was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award for Best First Novel. The follow up, The Love Delusion, was launched in September 2019.  The joys and challenges around writing (and then putting that writing out into the world to be enjoyed and judged by strangers!) fascinated me, becoming the subject of many conversations with my friend Teresa. We decided to pool our talents as creative and coach to form Unstoppable, offering support around the psychological and practical blocks that derail many aspiring and practicing artists, but that, with a little help, can be understood and navigated, bringing the joy back to creativity.  


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My earliest memory is being stood in front of an easel at nursery school, in my pinny, paintbrush in hand. I must have been about three. And I remember viscerally the fear of being presented with a blank sheet of paper and thinking, “I can’t do it. I don’t know what to do.” Maybe it’s my stubbornness to overcome that fear that led me to having a career that never strayed far from creativity. I’ve worked as a freelance writer, an editor at a children’s publisher, as a designer at The Writer’s Bureau, and I travelled the UK and Europe supporting people to tell stories about their lives using blogs and videos. My career trajectory brings me to a place where I now coach people to live their lives with compassionate curiosity, as they gently emerge into the fullest versions of themselves.


You can read more about my thoughts on coaching and creativity here. And find out more about my coaching practice here:



Our passion for creative curiosity

Nicola and Teresa met whilst working in a bookshop over 20 years ago. They did what all great introverts do made a habit of having long and deep conversations about EVERYTHING over lunch. These conversations continued for the next 20-odd years, and we created The Unstoppable Artist as a direct result of our deep-and-meaningfuls!


Our lives, relationships and careers changed over time, but our interest in 'how we be how we be' never waned, and we returned again and again to the themes of creativity and curiosity. After all, being alive is the most creative invitation any of us will receive in our lifetimes. Managing the process of being alive with compassionate curiosity has become our new go-to for getting by and The Unstoppable Artist is a home for exploring these themes, and connecting with others who want to explore with us.