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The Art of Creative Living

You already have everything you need to live a creative life.

You just need to learn how to trust it. 

At The Unstoppable Artist, you’ll learn to listen to your instincts. Discover your inner resources. Follow your passions. Experiment. Develop a tolerance for uncertainty. Practice self-compassion. Stop judging yourself. And experience growth, joy, aliveness. 

Seven Creative Gremlins

Having trouble starting, sticking with or completing a writing project? 

Meet your Creative Gremlins!


Seven Creative Gremlins is the perfect travel companion for any writer embarking on a creative journey. With wit and hard-won wisdom, author Nicola Jackson and creativity coach Teresa Wilson explain how these Creative Gremlins are the cause of writers’ doubts, fears and stalling strategies. 


From the implacable Imposter Syndrome Gremlin, to haranguing Hyper-Critical, and the persuasive Procrastinator, you’ll learn why these Gremlins are so damn convincing. And, more importantly, you’ll be given the tools to tackle them so you can claim your creative life. After all, how can you get past the Gremlins if you don’t even know they exist?


For fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

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